Anklebones (2headed_turtles) wrote,

Quick check in

Hey all,

just dropping a quick line to let anyone who's still watching know that I'm alive, and working on the next chapter of "Resistance." I had a good chunk of it done before I realized it wasn't going in the direction I wanted, and started over... so it's slow, but coming. I'm currently bullying my anti-SCC friend into reading the whole story, 'cause she's a damn good writer, just not quite feeling the Sarah/Cameron love. Hoping I can change her mind. ;)

Meanwhile, here's a few pictures of the dolls/pose-able sculptures she and I are making and selling online and at conventions. We marked the one year anniversary of this new direction in our work a couple weeks ago, and we have Fan Expo, another convention, coming up at the end of August.

If ye'd like to see any more examples, you can check out our DA page,

Tags: art

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