Anklebones (2headed_turtles) wrote,

Homemade Horrors - the beginning...

These are some terribly low quality pictures of the beginnings of a new project my artistic cohort and I are working on. They're called "Homemade Horrors" and they'll be debuting at the Square Foot Show (all artwork must fit within a square foot) in Toronto in August.

This is the first of three for the show, and his hands, head and feet aren't painted yet, but I wanted to put him together to get a feel for how he'll look.His body is hand sewn faux fur over a wood and wire armature, and his hands, head and feet are sculpted out of polymer clay.  He's somewhat pose-able, but I'd like to make the later models even more so.

For the show, he and his two friends will be in picture-frame cages that hang on the wall, so I'll get to practice my woodworking skills. :)

Tags: art

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