Anklebones (2headed_turtles) wrote,

Never say die... Update on "Resistance"

Hey all,

Well, its been 7 months since my last update to my own TSCC story, but tonight I sent a draft of chapter 15 of "Resistance" off to my beta.

There have been a lot of challenges to working on this story over the last year, my commitment to the SCC VS being only one of them. Added to that I started a new job last April and bought a horse this summer. Time has become a precious commodity, but even more than the time shortage, I've been having trouble coming back to the same head space I was in almost two years ago when I started this story. I think I've made big strides as a writer in that time,so it's hard not to be overcritical of my early chapters, and not to let that feeling get in the way of finishing.

I've thought seriously about going back and rewriting the first half before going any farther, but I've decided its better to push on and get it done. I can always edit the entirety later.

So chapter 15 is on the way, and while the VS continues, and I have half a dozen other tscc stories in the WIP folder, I'm hoping to keep this fic moving through the 7 or 8 chapters I think it has left.

Wish me luck!
Tags: resistance

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